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My computer has decided that it hates freedom.

And the internets.

But mostly freedom.

So I'm likely to be kinda scarce until I get the damn thing straightened out.
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That's twice this week that I've almost cried at work. Three times if you count last Saturday.

About stupid shit, mostly.

I hate being a girl sometimes.
8-Bit Theater: BM - meh

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Ugh, so tired.

I need to get more than five hours of sleep a night if I expect my brain to have any chance of working properly, I know.

There is so much stuff I need to do, even more that I want to do. I need to make a list or something and get moving on it.

But tonight there should be sleep. Tomorrow, stuff.
8-Bit Theater: BM - meh

Ganked from andmydog

Give me the names of two characters and I will tell you why character A loves character B. I might answer with a drabble, a quickbit of meta, or a list, just to make things that tiny bit moreOMGSOEXCITING!.

... Yep. I'll give it a shot. Please to be sticking to canons I know. (If you're not sure, just ask.)
8-Bit Theater: BM - meh

Sleep? Bah.

I need not such things. So I colored icons.

| | |
| |

I was going to do some of the ones with Hakkai and Gojyo, and then I realized (simultaneously) that I really needed to look up some references for the right colors and that I was too tired to do so. Later, definitely.

Uploaded the bases for those and a bunch more. They're all tagged, so that, presumably, it's easier for me and anyone else to find specific ones.

Now, I think I'll try the sleep thing. Hopefully my internet will be less spazzy than it was last night. Not sure why, but it just kept hiccuping on me.

ETA: YAY! I got a caaaaall back this morning. I start work on Monday morning at ten. :D

ETAx2: Added a few more icons. Hakkai and Gojyo are tricky buggers to color. x_X I'll keep trying. I like how Nii turned out, though.
8-Bit Theater: BM - meh


I'm starting to wonder if I know everybody who plays in sages_of_chaos.

I guess I'd forgotten about how many different little plotlines I used to play in over the years before I started rolling with the cool kids. Years. Now that's a weird thing to think about, but it'll be three this December.

Holy shit, I really can't get away from that place. Though I'm pretty much on lurker status, what with nft_nexus being the main hangout these days.

No subliminal messages here, folks. Nope. None at all. You know you want to play in nft_nexus. Do iiiit.

Also, re: sages, if it was more than six months ago? I'm sorry. I am trying to be less stupid nowadays.